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 Application for Admin Team

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PostSubject: Application for Admin Team   Thu Feb 08, 2007 7:27 pm

Dear [TA] Members,
Our Admin Team needs more manpower, if you are interested in joining the Admin Team, please feel free to message me.

Role of the Admin Team:
The Role of the Admin Team is hard though rewarding, firstly you get to become a Junior Member Instantly, and also the Admin Team is the MAIN team running our Guild/Clan.

Though as an Admin Team you will need to speak properly and not informal language such as colloquials...this is because as a member of the Admin Team, you need to have some Leadership, a good understanding of Games/Language and finally you need to have good social skills (Interacting with others, such as new recruits).

If you think that you meet these requirements please message me and i will hopefully/gratefully accept your application. (This only applies till the end of Feb!) And after the end of Feb we won't be recruiting anymore people into the recruiting team temporaily.

Thanks !

Admin Team
TE's GM aka MaTT
"Don't Take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive !!" -MaTT
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Application for Admin Team
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